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Our company exported furniture manufacturing machines to one of our customers in Egypt. Our company undertook all export-related operations, starting with searching for machines in the best factories and supervising quality verification after manufacture, then coordinated shipping and completed export papers until the goods reached the customer and before this shipment our company Exporting agricultural equipment and combine harvesters to Egypt for other customers

In the context of its export efforts in finding the best Turkish factories and taking sole Turkish distribution right to its customers outside Turkey, our company has worked to buy used agricultural tractors and exported them to Yemen, and it has also succeeded in making a commercial deal in taking an exclusive agency from the Tumosan Tractor Company ‘n Turkey and First Center for Seed and Industry Company in Dhamar Yemen, and through this deal, the first center for seeds and industry became the sole agent in Yemen for the Turkish company Tumosan Tractor Factory

The company announced today the export of a Turkish harvester/threshing machines and agricultural equipment shipment to Yemen, and this shipment is a continuation of previous shipments that AKMAS was the main coordinator for many agricultural projects and the official representative in Turkey for the largest suppliers of agricultural equipment in Yemen. AKMAS worked to find the best Turkish factories for agricultural equipment and machinery, including tractors and has facilitated to its customers in Yemen and other countries in obtaining exclusive agencies from these factories to be the sole representatives and the exclusive agents in their countries for these factories.

Starting from designing the models preparing quotations and supervising all processes of product production along with quality control as well as arranging for the shipment of the products to reach the client, we finished the project and our client already received and assembled the products and now in use in the hotel. This achievement is added to our list of achievments and success in furniture sector. Attached photos of the products done.

A school project has been delivered to our client in Saudi Arabia after two months of full work. The project included different types of chairs needed for the students and teachers. Thousands of the same chairs are produced and delivered to our clients every year. Most of the chairs type is plastic seat and metal legs.

For meeting the demand of our clients in different sectors we finished the hotel table project which includes metal with coating paint and mdf  veneer with painting and also items with mirror tops. We meet the demand of clients in modern and classic furniture and we have a wide range of furniture production workshops producing based on client demands.

You can visit us in our office or send us an email of what you need and we come back to your shortly.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.