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Where does AKMAS company work?

Our company operates in Turkey, and is based in the capital city Ankara, but the company’s activities extend to all parts of Turkey, and the company provides export, import and shipping services to all parts of the world.

Are there branches of the company in Turkey or abroad?

There is no branch currently.

Is it possible to coordinate the furnishing of a commercial or hotel project in an integrated way, and to manufacture and export furniture according to the designs?

Yes, it is possible, and several similar projects have already been implemented.

Does the company offer quotations for tenders?

Yes, the company provides detailed quotes and specifications for the products

Does the company provide free consulting services?

Yes, the company and its team provide various free consulting services.

Does the company provide customs clearance service inside Turkey?

Yes, the company provides customs clearance service for various goods according to the request


Is it possible to ship goods or parcels to Yemen?

Yes, it is possible through our company.

Does the company prepare export papers?

Yes, the company provides all required export papers, including the certificate of origin EUR1, as well as the bill of loading and necessary invoices

Does the company export machines and second hand equipment?

Yes, the company exports the second hand equipment and many shipments of agricultural equipment and tillers has been shipped to Yemen and Egypt.

Does the company provide follow-up service for goods, customs clearance and freight for those who seized their goods in Turkey?

Yes, the company provides a service for following up the production of goods, checking quality, and collecting goods from several factories in case that there are orders in more than one factory. The company arranges shipping, customs clearance and processing of documents related to export.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.